A web page is a collection of intertwined internet pages under the same domain name, which is accessible to visitors. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, a group, a business, or an organization and used for various purposes.

All the websites combined form the world wide web, known as the World Wide Web or WWW.

Websites come in a seemingly endless variety, including educational, news, pornographic, e-commerce websites, and more.

The web page content is usually a mix of text with other media. So there are no rules that dictate the structure of a web page on the internet.

The first website was created in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist. 3 years later, in 1993, CERN announced that anyone could access the world wide web for free.

Initially, websites were categorized by their areas of function:

Websites of government agencies = .gov

Websites of educational institutions = .edu

Websites of non-profit organizations = .org

Commercial websites = .com

Information websites = .info

Although these domain add-ons still exist, they say little about the current contents of web pages on the Internet. In modern-day internet, the “.com” add-on is the most popular domain. Followed by add-ons denoting countries, such as: .it, .de, .co.uk, .fr, etc..

A website is undeniably beneficial for your business. Except serving your business’s image, it helps raise brand awareness and loyalty, consequently sales as well. It collects all your marketing projects into one destination. You can also make use of a virtual worker working for you 24/7.

The website should be the destination of your audience. The end of the funnel, like a virtual office. All the marketing you do online (advertising, content, even videos, and podcasts) should guide your audience to your website.

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Advantages of the Website

Online real estate

The website is set up for anyone to find upon searching it, and this way, meet their needs. If you do SEO properly, your website can rank high in search engines like Google and reach even billions of people.

Custom made

You can create a website from scratch. Unlike social media, here you can decide what to serve others. You can also include software within the site for various tasks you would want to get done on a daily.

Disadvantages of the Website

Again, this is not a typo… The disadvantages of the website also come from its advantages:

Online real estate

SEO is constantly changing. If you make mistakes, you risk getting ranked lower in search engines, and as a result, lose sales. You need to learn SEO skills or hire a professional. Although you would be spending money, this is most likely a blessing in disguise. Hiring an SEO professional could be the decision with the biggest ROI you ever made.

Custom made

Yes, you can create your own custom-made website, but do you know how to? Once again, the lack of skills and training presents a problem here too. You can have all the freedom possible, but simply do not know the design or possess any technical skills to develop the website you desire. In this case, you either spend quite some money and effort in developing your skills or… can you guess it?!

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Author: Rrere Hoxha / hallakate.com