Our Process

Brain storming

First, coffee! That's how we gonna have our brainstorming session. Could be at the same coffee shop or you'll have your coffee at any comfy cafe around the world while we'll have it here at sunny paradise :).

Capturing Your Ideas

Once we got ideas of your business goals and how we could assist you after the brainstorming session, we'll work together to set the business mapping and digital strategy to reach those goals.

Web Development

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Let's have a coffee chat or e-meet and explore your ideas so we'll see what adventures we can have together.

What They Ask

What clients ask about us.

Buzz our team at any time you have  business ideas, set up a coffee chat or e-meet.

Sometimes we don't know what we actually require to grow our business, that's why we need to talk first then we'll know how much is the cost and what is the thing we don't have to spend.

We usually divided it into 3 phases of work on one project, therefore it has its own payment phase.

It depends on the plan and strategy as we only develop on what pages that work for your business growth.

What's Up

Our Works

Buzz Us